NTL and Outlook

  Zaphod 3 23:15 26 Jan 07

Is it possible to use Outlook on NTL? Having some fun and games setting it up at the moment. Any tips or tricks?

  chocolate cake 23:32 26 Jan 07

Entirely possible. This should help. click here;a%20href=broadband_cat_email.php>Email</a>&curURL=adding_an_account_to_oe_xp.html

  chocolate cake 23:34 26 Jan 07

Well that didnt help. Click on help and Support tab at the top of the home page and there should be an option 'Email Help' half way down on the left. Click and there should be a tutorial on that page.

  BRYNIT 00:27 27 Jan 07

I have found no problems with Outlook and NTL. If you can tell us what problems you are having we may be able to advise on a solution.

  Zaphod 3 01:20 27 Jan 07

Am hard at work at the moment will post back this afternoon/evening.

  lotvic 01:31 27 Jan 07

note for future :)

this site can't handle the ; (apostrophes) in URLs so you have to go to tinyurl.com click here and get it changed

  lotvic 01:34 27 Jan 07

er that should read semi-colons not apostrophes
(time I went to bed!)

  chocolate cake 16:18 27 Jan 07

Lotvic. Tiny bit late on this but nite-nite anyway.

Zaphod 3. Any luck. If you've got it sorted, please resolve the thread.

  Zaphod 3 18:33 27 Jan 07

Sorry only just woken up was on night shift last night. Had an inspired idea when I got home and uninstalled AVG then reinstalled it lo and behold it works.

Many thanks for all your help anyway.

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