NTL Netguard

  anniesboy68 19:17 20 Sep 06

Is there anyone using this security feature. I am using AVG and Zone Alarm at the moment and am wondering if I should change. AB68

  brundle 19:19 20 Sep 06

Don't change, you have better protection already, if Netguard goes wrong for any reason it is a nightmare to fix your system. I speak from experience.

  anniesboy68 21:25 20 Sep 06

Hmmm....Iv'e jumped the gun so to speak and swapped. Will just wait and see. Thanks anyway

  cagey 22:40 20 Sep 06

I've just moved from Tiscali to Telewest (which is now part of NTL) they invited me to install their netguard program, but on reading their blurb, the first month is free then it would cost £6 per Month to continue. I don't think it will do much more than Adares and Spybot would do. So be wary.

  cagey 22:41 20 Sep 06

Adares should read Adaware, sorry.

  keef66 10:04 21 Sep 06

Been with NTL for years but never felt the need to lumber myself with Netguard. Happy with ZA and AVG at startup, and occasional spring cleaning with Adaware, Spybot, A squared and Crapcleaner

  De Nada 13:40 21 Sep 06

tried it a few months ago,pc went slow,and took a long time when shutting down, with keef66 on this one,stick with what you have.

  anniesboy68 14:38 21 Sep 06

Thanks all, will see. However, the change has got rid of the nagging "Windows no disk" "There is no disk in the drive" pop up box which was such a dammed nuisance at bootup, and took seven or more clicks of the mouse to clear! Might just go back to the other two in due course. AB68

  anniesboy68 14:40 21 Sep 06

cagey, PS, its free as I am on 4meg with NTL

  anniesboy68 15:44 24 Sep 06

Would you believe it! That dammed nuisance pop up box is back agai i.e Windows no disk

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