NTL Modem not working HELP

  tbh72 13:21 16 Feb 03

I am posting this message for a friend whom is having trouble installing his NTL cable modem.

He is recieving and error message which say's "Faulty or Non Functioning adapter has been found, Please remove the following malfunctioning adapter before continuing with the installation USB cable modem (ND1S5)"

He is running XP Home edition, any help would be warmly accepted as I haven't used XP

Thanks Guy's

  recap 13:31 16 Feb 03

You/he will need to disable the Modem adaptor that is on his computer tbh72.

  tbh72 13:35 16 Feb 03

Thank-you RECAP, he has now disabled the modem and is trying to continue with the install

  accord 13:36 16 Feb 03

if he has ethernet connection, i suggest he uses that, its alot easier

  tbh72 13:41 16 Feb 03

The modem is connected to the PC, he is receiving the same error message this occurs everytime he disables the modem

Further help required please.

Accord he does have ethernet connection but he's telling me it comes up with the same message.

Appologosies if im sounding dumb, but I have never personally used XP

  accord 13:45 16 Feb 03

delete all modems and reboot. reinstall cable modem via ethernet and see if that works.

  accord 13:46 16 Feb 03

put in a search of NTL into the search engine on this forum, this has been mentioned before somewhere.

  tbh72 13:47 16 Feb 03

THIS IS GONNA SOUND REALLY BIZARRE...... My mate has just told me that he doesn't subscribe to NTL telephone services. NTL have supplied and charged him for this 600K connection, does he also need the telephony services????

  tbh72 14:22 16 Feb 03

This is obviously a nightmare problem as no one's helping!!!!! I have told him to get back in touch with NTL.....

But the error message still confuses me if anyone can shed light on his predicament will still look forward to your posts

  BrianW 14:25 16 Feb 03

There has been a major "Outage" on NTL this morning - certainly in the Bournemouth area but maybe wider. I've only just got on - been trying since 09.00 this morning. This may be the problem your friend has been experiencing. If so, they may be able to get in now.

  microswift 14:55 16 Feb 03

You do not need the telephone service,if you dont have it here is the CM support line number 0845 650 0121 you could also post in the NTL forum where NTL engineers somtimes help with NTL related problems.

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