NTL - Connection sharing using router (wireless)

  Bucko3 14:36 10 Feb 03

Anyone know of a good link or guide to setting up a wireless LAN at home, connecting to NTL Broadband? I'm running XP on one machine, Me on the other and failed dismally when I tried to follow the set up instructions! Router is made by Belkin if that makes any difference.

  AndySD 14:38 10 Feb 03

Which model is the router

  Bucko3 14:46 10 Feb 03

Belkin - as is the wireless network

  AndySD 14:53 10 Feb 03

click here as you may have to reregister the mac address of the router instead of the network card in the PC that was connected. But there may be an option to clone the address depending on the Belkin Product click here which one are you using?

  Bucko3 14:58 10 Feb 03

Just called the Belkin wireless cable / dsl gateway router.

It did enable me to clone the MAC address, and I was able (intermitently) to access the internet on the main machine through the router, but when I tried to set up the network and enable internet sharing, it all pretty much went wrong. I'll check your 2 links. Thanks

  AndySD 15:04 10 Feb 03

you dont need to set up internet connection sharing. If you have already cloned the mac address then you dot need to do it again.
Try running the xp network wizard again and see if it finds it.

  Bucko3 15:05 10 Feb 03

Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router F5D6230-3

  jazzypop 15:39 10 Feb 03

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