NTL Broadband Network

  brambles 15:43 13 Oct 06

My nephew is in University lodgings in a house with 7 others. They have finally installed NTL Cable broadband and have had a Router provided.

Can he use a normal Wireless USB adapter to connect to the network. Does 'wireless enabled' mean that an internal wireless card is installed.


  Danoh 16:52 13 Oct 06

NTL broadband would come with a Cable modem only, not a wireless router as far as I know?

Typically they would have to get their own wireless router. After which, yes, he can use a normal wireless USB adapter to connect to a wireless network.

What device are you referring to which is "wireless enabled"?

  brambles 21:41 13 Oct 06

Thanks Danoh for your prompt reply. You are right the NTL does come with a Cable modem but the students, explaining that they are in 7 different rooms, negotiated the supply of a router additionally. So thanks for the information & I can tell him what he needs to connect

'Wireless enabled' is a description I have seen in computer specs. I assumed it meant the wireless card was incorporated.

Thanks again


  Strawballs 21:48 13 Oct 06

yes wireless enabled does mean that you do not need an adapter.

  Danoh 23:31 13 Oct 06

Laptop PCs almost all have wireless functions nowadays.

Desktop PCs might.
Also for desktop PCs, its worth checking that the wireless card's aerial can be replaced.
As the standard aerial would be stuck behind the metal Desktop PC box and lots of wires, the wireless radio waves have a real job trying to get through all those metal barriers.
So if there are weak connection problems, it often proves necessary to get either a higher gain aerial or one with an extension cable so the aerial can be sited clear to receive and transmit wireless radio signals.

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