ntl broadband issues

  p;3 21:35 28 Dec 06

has anyone had/having problems with the ntl bb service please ? service unavailable , off line, line dropping etc ?

  Strawballs 21:38 28 Dec 06

I hope I am not tempting fate here but no everything here is fine (solent area)

  polish 21:38 28 Dec 06

no problems here in ellesmere port

  p;3 21:46 28 Dec 06

I have a horrid feeling that the beloved Norton may have some involvement in my friend's internet connection grossely misbehaving

anyone else on ntl got any failure to report?

  octal 21:48 28 Dec 06

Hi p;3, Wednesday late afternoon there was a complete outage for Greater London, Ashford and various other areas, apart from that it's been working fine. I'm using a STB 4MB using the Waltham Park server.

  bof:) 22:05 28 Dec 06

Hi p;3, nothing wrong in the midlands over Xmas as far as I'm aware. I've checked with friends/neighbours who have NTL also.

has your friend looked to see if they have Nortons firewall if so, it is blocking their connection to the internet?

if your friend has their Nortons disk have they tried uninstalling it and using something like AVG and Zone alarm? (then uninstalling AVG/Zone alarm if this didnt help and putting Nortons back)


  p;3 22:13 28 Dec 06

thanks for replies peoples;
could someone kindly take a screan-shots ( NOT via imageshack facilites pleasse) of what you see when you click on your two green arrows in the system tray and the sequence following until you are told that you are connected to the broadband and have your two green computer icons in the system tray;

I hope the beloved Norton has NOT struck AGAIN!!!!
(p3's heart sinks even lower...: )

  p;3 22:46 28 Dec 06

that's assuming of course that those on ntl bb do not leave it permanently connected, but disconnect when the pc is shut down ( I hope you disconnect when you power down:))

  woodchip 23:02 28 Dec 06

I presume You mean Cable, As I am NTL/BT line BB. With no problems

  p;3 23:16 28 Dec 06

from what I can understand the person is on NTL tv via a box; the tv works ok ( I think) but the bb is misbehaving

if anyone can take screan shots of the connection process via the two green arrows it would be appreciated

  Allyginger 23:30 28 Dec 06

Well down here in Southsea the NTL bb works okay. Had no trouble for quite a while now. Used to have Samsung stb bb but now have an NTL Ambit 250 modem. On 2mb. And it is about 2mb in speed.

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