ntl broadband installation help

  kelemvor 17:54 27 Oct 05

Hi guys

Need some help with ntl BB. My friends and I have just had ntl (cable) installed in our house, but only 2 of us can get our laptops to install the ntl software and therefore connect to the net.

One of my friends has tried to install on his laptop using the ntl cd, but each time he tries he gets an error msg saying something along the lines of 'low connectivity' and/or 'no connectivity'.

I am able to use the connection on my laptop immediately after he tries to install, so I know it's not the actual cable. We have disabled any firewall software and anti-virus in case there were compatibility issues, but to no avail.

Could anyone give me some suggestions as to what could be wrong?

  octal 17:59 27 Oct 05

The connection is obviously registered and working, you don't need NTL's software, in fact you might be better off without it. have you tried just opening Internet Explorer and see if it connects?

  kelemvor 18:07 27 Oct 05

We have tried that and it doesn't work.

I'm guessing that the disk installs the settings etc for the connection onto the laptop.

  octal 18:11 27 Oct 05

I don't think so, I've got a disk but I can't use it because I use Linux. I upgraded my connection a few months ago and all I had to do was re-register the connection with NTL with my password then my system automatically found the new IP address and away it went.

  wallbash 18:18 27 Oct 05

If you have just got ntl cable you will need disc to register, but thereafter the disc is surplus!

Try posting at chetnet.co.uk , they ARE the BEST for using NTL BB with networks etc.
I promise you they will help ( got me working on Boxing day last year1)

  kelemvor 18:20 27 Oct 05

I see.

However, I'm still none the wiser about the problem. I can't see the laptop being the problem as it's a nearly new toshiba and more than one of us have similar laptops.

That to my mind only leaves software conflict, unless anyone else has any other ideas.


I think it would be lot less hassle if you ring NTL BB Technical Support 0800 052 2000

  kelemvor 18:25 27 Oct 05

I know what u mean, but I thought I'd check it out with u guys first as u always seem to know your stuff.

Will contact them soon if no-one has any ideas.


  retep888 18:28 27 Oct 05

Do you and your friends connect to internet thru' a router or one after one?

  Splork 18:29 27 Oct 05

Is your 'net access being shared with a wireless router? If so can all the laptops communicate with the router properly?

  kelemvor 18:41 27 Oct 05

No router, just the standard ntl cable modem.

Therefore we connect one at a time directly thru the cable modem.

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