ntl broadband install error - HELP!

  rsturbo 11:56 09 Oct 03

i have a laptop running XP with usb port on it but no network card or connector. i went to install the broadband onto it but plugged the modem into pc before i installed software - i know you have to do it the other way (now!). when i try installing the software it informs me i have a network adaptor that is not compatible/working, it then says click here to fix, when i do that it gives me an option to remove or disable it. i can't remove it using device manager in safe or ordinary mode. tried disabling it but still get same error message when trying to install. ntl don't want to know. DESPERATE please help.

thanks for any comments

  Jason-284828 12:21 09 Oct 03

I had the same problem when I installed broadband onto my laptop.

From what I can remember, I had to stop the installtion process. Go into control panel to network connection, disable them all and then start the installtion process again. When you have finished installtion you can enable them again.

If this doesn't work, I'll think again about what I did, but I do remember it took serval attempts to get it installed.

  rsturbo 12:30 09 Oct 03

i don't understand what you mean by disable network connection in control panel, how do i do this?

  Jason-284828 13:13 09 Oct 03

Go into the control panel and switch to classic view (top right cornor) Click on Network Connections, it should bring up a list of your network connection. Right click on each one and chose diable. Change the view to details and in the status field it should show as Diabled. Do this with out the modem connected.

I hope this helps

  Jason-284828 13:14 09 Oct 03

That should be disable not diable

  rsturbo 15:25 09 Oct 03

but still getting error report :(

  rsturbo 21:33 09 Oct 03

any more ideas would be really good - ntl not interested

  jazzypop 21:49 09 Oct 03

How about uninstalling the failed USB driver for the 'virtual' Ethernet port, and installing the latest ones - see click here

According to *the* best resource for UK Cable services, despite NTL's statements about W98, this driver works from W98 up to XP - see the advice at click here

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