NTL Broadband

  Chaz2003 19:11 07 Jan 03
  Chaz2003 19:11 07 Jan 03

I Have NTl brodband £25 one and it is slow sometimes then quick is this because of the amount of people on the ibternet with brodband because i thought it was the same speed all the time.

  VoG™ 19:14 07 Jan 03

Why not try a speed test click here

Just because you have a fast connection doesn't mean that some sites won't be slow to load.

  billyliv 20:36 07 Jan 03

Hi, NTL tell you that when traffic is heavy performance can be affected. I have been with NTL Broadband (£25) for over a year now and wouldn't change it for the world. I will suffer the highs and lows for a superior service. cheers, Bill

  hugh-265156 00:11 08 Jan 03

i have been using NTLs 600k service for a few months now.no problems at all.as VOG said some sites are just slow.try a few sites at different times of the day.or you could try tis registry edit to speed up browsing.i noticed a big difference.HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\internetsettings find "MaxcConnectionsPer1_0Server" default setting should be "4" TRY SETTING TO "8" now find "MaxConnectionsPerServer" default setting is "2" try "4" you should notice a difference.dont be afraid to experiment with different values and see what works best for you.some people go as high as "20".goes without saying backup first.happy surfin!

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