NTL Broadband

  chaztait 14:07 13 Mar 05

Hey does anyone know if NTL are upgrading my speed to 1MB? As i was looking at BT and they have upgraded speeds and then i thought NTl MUST come back and i looked at there website and this is what i saw click here does this mean that i will be getting 1MB broadband??? i have 750kb/s justnow

  Fingees 14:11 13 Mar 05

They are in the process of upgrading 750 customers to 2M now


  chaztait 14:13 13 Mar 05

do you know how long it will be and will the come out and give me a new modem? as i think that the old Black modem i have can omly go up to 2MB??

  chaztait 14:18 13 Mar 05

as they say that i dont have to do anything

click here

  BLB 14:53 13 Mar 05

I just clicked on the upgrade section and they asked for my post code then transferrsed me to the upgrade section. I clicked on upgrade. Still £24.99 for 2mb.works great

  chaztait 14:55 13 Mar 05

so u r upgraded justnow?

  BLB 15:14 13 Mar 05

yes, thats correct.did it manually just now.

  chaztait 15:20 13 Mar 05

damit my username and password aint working!

Why.Why Why every single time i need to phone up NTL its on a Sunday!!!

Well al just phone up tomorrow :D


Oh will my "old" black modem they gave me like 4 years ago be able to handle it?

  chaztait 15:21 13 Mar 05
  BRYNIT 17:39 13 Mar 05

Your user name is your e-mail address. If you have forgot your password, click on forgot password put e-mail address in and they will send it to you.

  chaztait 17:41 13 Mar 05

yes but how can they send it to you if you cant get onto email?

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