NTL Broadband

  Matt45 17:27 09 Mar 04

My NTL Broadband connection always seems really slow at the moment. I'm having to wait at least 20 seconds for each page to load and I am on the 600k broadband package. I have run a speed test at "bandwidthplace" and it says that its communicating at 572k but it certainly doesn't feel like it! Anybody got any ideas?


P.S. I connect to the internet via a router if that makes any difference but I am experiencing this problem when only one PC is turned on on the network.

  Valvegrid 17:40 09 Mar 04

It seems to be pretty general at the moment. I'm on NTL, but it seems to be with other ISP's as well, no idea why though. Are you in the London area by any chance, I'm in east London.

  whatsupdoc 17:41 09 Mar 04

fast as the servers you are going through. my ntl sometimes feel slow but normally because I'm looking at American sites at their tea time when most of the east coast seems to be surfing.

at work we have a very very fast connection but sometimes it takes me 20-30 seconds to get on some sites.
so if you get 550k from speed test don't really worry about it.

  Matt45 18:16 09 Mar 04


  slimbo51 19:01 09 Mar 04

How are u wired up....USB Or ETHERNET Card..?

Using an Ethernet card is a lot more reliable than USB.

According to NTL system Admin people I spoke to when I first got my 512 B/B, You can expect to get a 5% improvment on speed using E.Net card, and also a higher level of stability.

  anniesboy68 19:19 09 Mar 04

I have my system set to "hibernate" after 45 mins or so. Question....if I set it to defrag or something similar, say at 0400hrs, will that program wake the cptr up.

  anniesboy68 19:24 09 Mar 04

Sorry, wrong posting are, yet again by me.

  anniesboy68 19:24 09 Mar 04

Sorry, wrong posting are, yet again by me.

  anniesboy68 19:25 09 Mar 04

sorry, wrong posting area

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