NTL BB probs

  Elrond 14:58 22 Feb 03

For the past couple of days, my NTL connection seems to be playing up. I'll be on the pc and i'll get a message pop up saying local area connection unplugged (i.e my connection to NTL BB). This is happening even though there is power going to the modem and the wire going to the NIC hasn't been touched. After i get the message the RDY light justs flashes. I found that unplugging the power and then outting it back in pretty much resolvedit. Alas, this just happened again and my trick didn't work. So I thought i'll leave the power out for a few minutes. No didn't work. So i lefft it off for about ten minutes, then turned off my PC and plugged it back in. All went fine so i powered up and here I am. Any ideas wot might be happening? Anybody had similar experience.



  jazzypop 15:06 22 Feb 03

First thing is to check NTL's status page - see click here

  Andÿ 15:06 22 Feb 03
  Andÿ 15:07 22 Feb 03

Snap :o)

  jazzypop 15:14 22 Feb 03

Again :)

  Elrond 15:16 22 Feb 03

Yeah, shud of said I foned their status line and went straight to that page wen i got back on the net. Thanks

  jazzypop 15:22 22 Feb 03

If it is not a general engineering fault in your area, and it happens frequently, phone NTL and they will send an engineer to check. My experience is that they are persistent, helpful and knowledgeable.

The hardest part is enduring the wait on the customer support helpline :)

BTW, try dialling 150 and following the menus if you have an NTL phone line - the call is free.

  Wak 15:44 22 Feb 03

In spite of what people say about Correct Connect, it could tell you whether it is your computer, the connection or the server that is at fault.
You could also restore to a previously good connection or even do a repair.

  Elrond 15:54 22 Feb 03

Correct connect never seemed to work for me, when i opened it, it never did anything so I unistalled it.

  obbit 16:13 22 Feb 03

i got rid of correct connect it kept flashing, infoming me that the connection had failed when clearly it was ok and i had to keep doing something to it. not worth it

  BlueMeanie 20:03 22 Feb 03

Your message "local area connection unplugged" suggests that your NIC - network card is intermittantly faulty, had this problem at work only last week.

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