NTL BB Options + Networking

  Ironman556 23:14 05 Sep 05

Hi, I'm trying to help a friend with their BB problems.

Currently they have a Belkin Wireless router and USB adapter (running on XP SP2), set-up with NTL BB coming in through the NTL box, then into an NTL modem, then into the wireless router.

The wireless keeps dropping out and the internet connection keeps dropping from the router. There are no software updates avaliable for the router and I think the latest USB adapter software is installed.

Is NTL's own modem any good? I know the free ones from some ISP's are rubbish compared to something like a Netgear DG834G which connects and keeps the connection a lot better. Also can NTL send ADSL down a phone line rather than through the NTL box so that a modem/router/firewall can be plugged in directly, therefore eliminating a separate modem?

Any other ideas?


  bosmere 08:56 06 Sep 05

"set-up with NTL BB coming in through the NTL box, then into an NTL modem, then into the wireless router"

Ironman556 I don't understand this configuration if the box is a TV set-top box.

eg. my setup is a cable from the set-top box to my router - no modem required.

And if your friend is on cable why would he want an ADSL connection?

  woodchip 09:07 06 Sep 05

I use NTL on a BT line, I do not have Cable.
It's called NTLfreedom. I am on a 512kb with free any time calls National and Local 01 and 02 numbers
For £24.99 a month

  woodchip 09:09 06 Sep 05

PS I am on a 3Com Wireless Firewall Router Modem, I bought this to relace a Thomson USB Speedtouch modem that was free, nothing wrong with it. I just wanted to be able to connect three comps as and when I wanted, one a Laptop Wireless

  Ironman556 20:01 06 Sep 05

That's how I understood it was, maybe the modem and set-top box are the same thing.

The first problem is that the router has to keep being restarted as it keep dropping the connection. The second is that the wireless keeps dropping and the PC has to be restarted to get a connection to the internet. He's now considering taking it all back and upgrading it.

I've set up three ADSL networks using netgear modem/router/wap with no problems at all, which is why I thought going the phone line way might be better.

Woodchip: Thanks for the info.

  Strawballs 20:09 06 Sep 05

click here If you are still struggling with your friends problem try here it is an unofficial NTL forum where all of the administrators work for NTLworld and are very knowlegable about NTL broadband and networking

  Ironman556 21:14 06 Sep 05

Will chack that out

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