jon2 11:15 20 Dec 05

I have just received my phone bill from NTL, only to find that they are saying that they have just upgraded my line to 1MB although I upgraded it on line way back in april-march time and checked the speed with pitstop at the time. And not only that they say they whant the money in advance now, I have a feeling that, that was also intoduced some time ago, can any one confirm this.

  SG Atlantis® 11:21 20 Dec 05

you've had one meg from march?

Are they only now acknowledging that you're on 1 meg and asking you to pay the normal service charge?

or are they asking you to back pay them since when you've had the 1 meg back in march?

  jon2 11:27 20 Dec 05

there not asking for any more money but it makes you wonder what go's on there, any idea about the payment in advance I mentioned

  SG Atlantis® 11:30 20 Dec 05

you pay a month in advance anyway mate.

Calls and entertainment services (pay per view) are paid in arrears and your line rental, BB charge and TV are paid one month in advance.

  SG Atlantis® 11:35 20 Dec 05

The bill was issued on the 11 December. My current BB charge on the bill is for 12DEC to 11JAN.

  jon2 11:44 20 Dec 05

yes thats what I thought, about paying in advance but they are asking for it again.

  SG Atlantis® 11:49 20 Dec 05

phone them not much else for it.

They mess things up regularly, my bills are no exception, a very long story.

Good luck.

  steve1ooo 11:55 20 Dec 05

I had the same problem with my last bill.They told me they were changing from billing for the current month to one month in advance, meaning I paid twice for my 2 meg connection on that bill!
I`m not happy and will be looking to change in the new year. As far as i can see it`s a ruse to raise some money for the take over of telewest.

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