ntl 128 bit broadband

  polish 21:31 10 Jan 03
  polish 21:31 10 Jan 03

iam running ntl 128 bit broadband service xp home the computer is reporting no problems but ntl,s correct connect is reporting that there is no nic/ethernet adapter detected ntl does not respond to email enquires i would be grateful to any advice

  BRYNIT 21:47 10 Jan 03

I dad problems with direct connect after talks with the NTL help desk was told to delete it this should sort out most problems.

  jazzypop 21:49 10 Jan 03

Uninstall correct connect - it offers few advantages, and many drawbacks.

  Wak 22:43 10 Jan 03

Some people get connected through a USB port instead of the Ethernet adaptor.
How is yours connected???
Just a thought!

  Strawballs 23:30 10 Jan 03

I removed it from start up and only use it if I have any problems.

  spaciousmonti 23:33 10 Jan 03

correct connect is crap and a waste of a good CD, even ntl techies tell you to get rid of it!!
Never was a piece of software so useless and unwanted, there must be a heaven for it somewhere.

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