NTFS or FAT 32

  njhux 01:21 09 Nov 03

Does anyone have any views on these file systems?

And what exactly doe sthe conversion from FAT 32 to NTFS involve and is it really worth the bother?

  powerless 01:43 09 Nov 03

If you are happy with your computer on FAT32 then leave it as it is.

All about NFTS | click here

Convert, start, run, tpye:

cmd /k convert C: /fs:ntfs

Click ok and restart.

If you make the change backup all docs first.

  The Lights Are On 07:39 09 Nov 03

There are slight risks associated with the conversion to NTFS. I personally have never had any problems on any Pc's I have changed to NTFS. No one I know has had problems while doing it, but as you are making major changed to your Pc's file structure it's well worth making sure your important files are backed up elsewhere, and that when converting close all unneeded programs. Once your Pc has been converted to NTFS you will need to defrag which for this first time may take a while, that is quite normal.

  gazza38 08:08 09 Nov 03

I wanted to start video editing and know that fat32 limits file sizes <4GB (less than 4GB).
I also found out that some older programs don't run well,if at all,on NTFS.
Solution,fit a second hard drive with NTFS,then you can have the best of both worlds.Depending on your needs,but i bought a Seagate 160GB drive for ?140.

  goonerbill 09:07 09 Nov 03

the only problem with ntfs file system is if you wish to go back to win 95, 98 or ME, from win XP, as they cannot run or see ntfs partitioned hard drives.

as the others have pointed out, it probably is worth converting but the choice is yours.

  gold 47 13:13 09 Nov 03

If your running a dual boot on a single hard drive
keep to fat32 if your running just XP NTFS is the better file system.

  critic-al 15:08 09 Nov 03


  spuds 15:32 09 Nov 03
  njhux 18:51 09 Nov 03

Thanks all. I'm not really sure what i'm up to and it all seems a bit scary, so I'm going to leave it as it is for the moment. (FAT 32)

But if necessary I might put in an extra hard drive on NTFS

Thanks for your help

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