NTFS to Fat32

  faulties 17:16 16 Jul 06

Hi all, hope you can help.

I have a hard drive formatted to NTFS (bought it 2nd hand). Problem is I'm wanting to install ME. How do I format it to FAT32 please? Don't know the proper instruction to type in.


  ed-0 17:26 16 Jul 06

have you or a friend, a computer with XP? If so pop the drive in as a slave and use computer management to format to fat32.

If not

Download the free version of click here. place it on a floppy disk and boot the computer from it. erase the partition ( NTFS ). then use a windows 98se boot floppy to fdisk the drive and rebuild the drive as fat32.click here

  billybunn 17:30 16 Jul 06

Boot up your pc from a Windows 98 boot disk, at the dos prompt type in 'fdisk' and delete the existing partition, then create a new partition which will automatically be fat32, you will be instructed to restart your pc, leave the floppy disc in so that it boots from the floppy and at the dos prompt type 'format c:' and you should have a fat32 disk.

  ed-0 17:34 16 Jul 06

thats fine if the disk has a delpart.exe. Most don't.

  SANTOS7 18:08 16 Jul 06

If the HDD is bigger than 32gigs you will need to partition it first....

  Smiler 19:20 16 Jul 06
  Mr Mistoffelees 19:57 16 Jul 06

A standard Windows 98 or ME boot disk will do the job, fdisk is the only tool required.

  faulties 22:08 16 Jul 06

Thanks all.

Did it with fdisk/format as billybunn & Mr Mistoffelees suggested. Used an ME boot disk then installed ME.

Seems to have used the whole of the 40gb though will need to check that tomorrow, when the kids are at school!

Thanks all!!!!!

  ed-0 22:13 16 Jul 06

My apologies.

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