NTFS and FAT 32

  Miros 19:26 01 Nov 06

I have recently carried a complete reinstall of my PC in the process of which I noticed that it was about to install NTFS as against the previous FAT 32 system I was unable to stop it, I couldn't see an alternative option so just had to go along with it.

I understand this procedure is irreversible.
I now have some Cd's which are unplayable because of this I think.

My question is would I can I convert the info on these Cd's to NTFS or are they now useless to me on this NTFS system?

I do still have an old Windows 98 PC which obviously I could still play or open them up on, could I use this to transfer over to my current XP NTFS system.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:55 01 Nov 06

I now have some Cd's which are unplayable because of this I think.

NTFS on the hard drive has no effect on playing accessing DVDs or CDs.

  Jak_1 19:57 01 Nov 06

There should not be a problem with ntfs reading cd's made on a fat32 pc! All cd's burned on my old Win ME machine are playable on the ntfs Win XP-Home pc.

  Miros 20:04 01 Nov 06

Maybe I have another problem the I must investigate further. I'll be back thanks for that.

  Probabilitydrive 20:32 01 Nov 06

Miros, have a look at the links I got at my post

"External HD -FAT or NTFS?"

Good info on the differces between the 2 format systems.

  Miros 20:38 01 Nov 06

You are both right, I had tried loading one disc a game of chess as it happened there is a problem with this, though it had worked OK on W98. The second one I had tried last night didn't work fully but that was due to my error which I have now sorted.
I bit of a relief really thanks again.

  Miros 20:42 01 Nov 06

Yes I had just read that thread clicking on by lucky accident thinking it was mine, Cheers Probabilitydrive.

  Miros 20:47 01 Nov 06

If you go back to your thread or any thread for that matter, highlight it by right clicking in the above browser box, copy, and paste here you will have that link as here
click here
It will save members searching.

  Miros 20:49 01 Nov 06

I cocked that one up try this click here

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