johndavis 21:20 17 Sep 06

I have a Media player har disk device that is new. However, the disk formatted as NTFS (It did not offer me another choice). I now find that although the drive works fine as an external disk, the stand alone media player functions require FAT16 or FAT32.
I am not worries about losing any files, in fact I got rid of them all.
Is there an easy (cheap) way to reformat as FAT.

I have Windows XP.

  ArrGee 21:21 17 Sep 06
  Strawballs 21:23 17 Sep 06

Windows 98 startup disc fdisk it then formatt FAT32 "FAT16" you are going back a long way now!!!

  Strawballs 21:29 17 Sep 06

John does ASL mean anything to you?

  woodchip 22:00 17 Sep 06

You have to first remove the partition information before you can do anything. With this click here download the free version. you can then use a Win98se Boot disc from click here tenth file down after downloading it, put a blank floppy in drive and double click on the download.

  ed-0 22:10 17 Sep 06

Does the player show up in disk management as a removable device?

Thats > right click my computer > manage > disk management and now look in the new right hand window.

If it does, right click on the bar and pick delete logical drive. This should give a bar of un-allocated spoace.

Right click on this and pick " new logical drive ". Follow the wizard and when it gets to pick which kind of format you want, pick fat32.click here Follow the wizard to the end.

  woodchip 22:25 17 Sep 06

Did not know you could do that with it. As I use Acronis Disc Director Suit 10

  ed-0 22:32 17 Sep 06

You can't do the "C" drive, obviously but you can do partitions and external devices.

I have Acronis Disc Director Suit 10, excellent programmne. It works on "C" as no other does.

  woodchip 22:34 17 Sep 06

Yes and never seen anything as fast at creating and formating partitions

  johndavis 23:41 30 Jan 07

Thanks for all yor help. I got help from the supplier so it took me a while to check back here as I had success. They said use "Swiss Knife" and it worked in the sense that it allowed me to re-format from scratch the blank disk (losing all the files, but I was not bothered!).

By the way "ASL" means nothing special to me!!!!

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