NTFS back to Fat32

  paddyjack 15:57 10 Apr 04

I have been asked by a neighbour to remove XP Home from there machine, and install 98se. I am planing to Fdisk and then format.

The question is will Fdisk work or do I need another utility?

All suggestions welcomed.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:03 10 Apr 04

Yes, fdisk should work; only query would be the size of the HDD - some early versions of fdisk are limited.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:05 10 Apr 04

Alternatively, boot with the XP CD and use it to format the drive.

  paddyjack 16:06 10 Apr 04

Thanks Diodorus Siculus

no problem on size only 20gig.

  paddyjack 16:07 10 Apr 04

Will post results tomorrow, when I do the job. Will close thread then also.

Once again thanks

  Eric10 18:26 10 Apr 04

The FDISK option to use is 'Remove Non DOS Partition' then just create a new partition.

  bremner 18:31 10 Apr 04

FDisk will not recognise a NTFS partion.

  woodchip 18:37 10 Apr 04

Fdisk will remove NTFS

  Eric10 18:40 10 Apr 04

Any late version of FDisk will definately remove an NTFS partition. I do it all the time in my work.

  bremner 18:46 10 Apr 04

I must have an earlier version as it does not see NTFS at all.

Any links to the more recent versions would be appreciated.

  Eric10 19:09 10 Apr 04

When I said 'later version' I should have said 'all but very early versions'. I've just done some tests and I had to go back to DOS 6.22's FDisk before my NTFS partition wasn't recognised. I would also be suspicious of the first version of Windows 95 as this didn't even know about Fat32 although the version I have saw it OK as did the Windows 98 version.

Maybe you're getting mixed up with the fact that the boot disk can't see the NTFS partition but FDISK can.

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