NOW TV Picture Quality Advice

  Newuser939 12:27 07 Mar 14

I am thinking of getting a Now TV box but see from the PCAdvisor review that "output from the Sky Now TV Box is limited only to 720p video streaming". Unfortunately that doesn't mean a lot to me, so my question is whether, on a 42" screen, the quality of the picture will be so disappointing that it is not worth bothering. Any advice please, especially from anyone who actually uses the box.

  Ian in Northampton 12:48 07 Mar 14

All they mean is that it won't output full HD - i.e. 1080p. A lot of people were - and still are - happy with a 720p image on a 42" screen. The majority of TV broadcasts are still at a resolution that's not full HD - and you don't hear too many complaints. Prior to the advent of HD, 720p is all there was. So long as you're not sitting unreasonably close to the screen, and you're not a picture perfectionist (I'm certainly not) I think you'll be very happy with it.

  Ian in Northampton 19:09 07 Mar 14

ßeta: you're right to correct me on that - I should have said 'full HD' not 'HD'. It all got very confusing back in the day, because 720p screens were often marketed as 'HD-ready'.

And yes, I mis-spoke in terms of what's broadcast vs. what you see. It also depends on your definition of HD, and the significance of interlaced vs. progressive. The point I was (inadequately) trying to make is that, from the OP's point of view, he will get a picture out of his NOW box that will be very comparable to what most folks see when they're not watching a full HD broadcast on a full HD screen. And they find it very acceptable.

Can we be friends again? :-)

  bumpkin 19:10 07 Mar 14

As long as you have a decent picture on your screen I don't see what all the numbers mean.

  mart7 19:16 07 Mar 14

Before it was 720p it was ordinary SD 352 lines

To be honest i cant see the difference in 720/1020p (or i as beta points out)

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