Now main power on/of switch won't work!

  Charlie Babbage 20:28 22 Nov 06

I just gone into a Dell tower system unit - I think the model was Dimension 8100 but don't have it here. I lfted up the PSU on its hinge as per manual to look at the memory chips. I removed these and then replaced them.

I then tried to switch on the PC again using the main on/off switch on the front of the tower but nothing happened. There was power at the socket and a small LED on the motherboard was glowing. I'm almost positive that I replaced the memory chips correctly but, if I did not, would that be be cause of the on/off switch not working? I think that is unlikely but am willing to learn by my mistakes!!

If it is not the memory chips causing this problem, any other suggestions would be welcome. No other alterations were made and the computer was working fine - apart from running slow - before I opened the case - bother!!!

  amonra 20:30 22 Nov 06

Go back and do EXACTLY as you did before but this time make sure everything is plugged in firmly.

  Technotiger 20:32 22 Nov 06

Hi, I would advise you to re-seat the memory chips again, very carefully - plus, while you are at it, check everything else too, ie all internal/external connections, you might have accidently knocked something first time. Also, don't forget to earth yourself first before going into case.


  Charlie Babbage 18:31 23 Nov 06

As per advice, I went back and did exactly as I did before and made sure everything was plugged in firmly. The good news is that the on/off switch will now operate. The bad news is that there is no display on the monitor!

The monitor is ok - it will display on another computer. I've checked that the monitor cable is firmly attached to the back of the system unit. When switched on, the motherboard now has two LEDs which are alight - one orange and the other green. I have not touched the video card and it seems to be firmly in place so I'm not messing with that!!

Any other ideas I can try would be appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:00 23 Nov 06

does the graphic card have a seperate power cable from the PSU?

  Rtus 19:07 23 Nov 06

its likely the presure youve applied when reseating the ram chips has now dislodged the video card (if indeed its a AGP/PCI one not onboard type, Look carefully at the slot it fits into & reseat it too.

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