NOW i think its a virus>>>Internet browsing

  BearHead 17:27 01 May 07

Hi, my problem is that I couldn't see some of peoples profile-front-pics and some picture thumbnails on Bebo, now no images load up, not even skins, bald Bebo pages. The other websites load up fine except for bebo, I tryed every single browser known to a man and every possible setting but can't fix the problem, somebody, please, help. Thanks.

  BearHead 21:41 01 May 07

hah! brought my subject back on the 1st page..can somebody at least suggest what do I do with it? Thanks.

  wee eddie 22:11 01 May 07

to an individual IP Address

  BearHead 22:58 01 May 07

But the Bebo support team said I'm the only one with this kind of problem and they're clueless on how to fix it..They wouldn't block me, I mean I can't see anybody's page properly..

  wee eddie 23:46 01 May 07

However, I don't know if it will work.

Remember you will have to remember all your Log-ins and Passwords after you have done that.

  BearHead 00:09 02 May 07

I did that..didn't help..

  wee eddie 00:44 02 May 07

Are sure that you are using the correct Log-in

  sheba69 19:25 11 Jun 07

I have the same problem tried everything possible, bebo also said i was the only one with the problem! If i do get it sorted i will reply back.

  p;3 20:14 11 Jun 07

does anyone have a link to the non openable site?

  VoG II 20:16 11 Jun 07
  skidzy 20:18 11 Jun 07

Possibly a flash problem:

Download from click here

Note one version for Internet Explorer and one for Firefox.

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