For novice users - Info about abbreviations

  ade.h 20:28 15 Dec 05

I've noticed a number of forum users (across all sections, not specifically this area) mixing up their Megabit and Megabyte abbreviations.

To avoid any confusion, I thought I'd clarify the different abbreviations for bits and bytes. Bytes are represented by a capital B while bits (actually 1/8th of a byte) are represented by a lower-case b.

Bytes tend to refer to quantities of data and capacities of storage media. Bits are normally used when referring to data bandwidth, such as broadband speed.

If anyone else can think of any useful explanations of technical abbreviations, please post them here to help new users.

Many thanks.

  mgmcc 20:52 15 Dec 05

Thank goodness, someone knows the difference!

m = milli (as in millimetres)

M = Mega

b = bits

B = Bytes

G = Giga

k = kilo (SMALL "k") although there is a body of opinion which considers k = 1000 and K = 1024

Hz = Hertz (Capital H, small z)

I've seen people quoting 512mgs of RAM which actually means 512 milligrammes!

  wolfie3000 01:23 19 Dec 05

T = Terra

TB = Terra Bytes

Will be seeing this soon as pc,s become more and more faster/bigger.

  SG Atlantis® 08:59 19 Dec 05
  SG Atlantis® 09:00 19 Dec 05
  ade.h 17:45 19 Dec 05

Useful links for newbies, SG.

Someone recently mooted the idea of having a links page on this site; a place for a few key sites such as those that would provide basic reference for new users.

A good idea I think, and easy to do. I might drop a line to Peter the FE and see what he thinks.

  ade.h 23:37 12 Apr 06

Worth a bump.

  remind 23:51 12 Apr 06

Good info ade.h. In terms of the forum, I'd like to see an equivalent of `stickies` so the same questions don't turn up over and over, and something more obvious to encourage people to search the forums (or even press F1 in Windows) before posting another `already been answered` question...

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