Novice needs help-IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway

  fyak1 07:46 19 Jan 06

Hi all,

I have bought a Sitecom DC 214V2 UK modem/router and need help setting it up.

Software is installed, connections seem to be fine. When using the Modem Configuration program provided with the Modem I am asked for my country and then given the option of selecting the Service Provider. Unfortunately the onlo ISPs offered for the UK are BT and AOL - I use Virgin. There is an option to configure the settings manually but this asks me for the following info that I do not have a clue about...

VPI, VCI, Handshake Protocol, IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway.

Can anyone guide me through this?


  mgmcc 10:31 19 Jan 06

I don't use ADSL but the VPI setting should be zero and the VCI setting 38.

Depending on what settings you need to enter:

Encapsulation Mode - PPP over ATM (PPPoA - RFC2364) VC-MUX
Authentication - CHAP

You shouldn't need to set up IP, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway addresses; the router will get these automatically from the ISP and, in turn, the PC will get its addresses automatically from the router.

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