novelty with BT Yahoo server; number display

  p;3 17:19 05 Aug 06

have noticed when logging in to my bt yahoo server (merely to check for possible bulk mail)that on the mail tab there is often a number which I thought was related to the number of mails in my in box on server; anyone else seen a number and know to what it relates as , as far as I can see, it bears no relation to the mumber of mails on server;

  p;3 08:00 06 Aug 06

anyone any ideas on this? it does not relate to the date either as I have just checked my server and today it says number 7

  jimv7 08:35 06 Aug 06

Day 7?

  Graham. 08:40 06 Aug 06

Perhaps the number of times you have visited, for security.

  p;3 08:45 06 Aug 06

really do not know; I logged on there today to check my bulk mail and shifted a legitimate mail over to the in box; but maybe I will have to log in each day to see what the number says ; if it was number of times visited, then it should be more than 7; I had wondered if anyone else was on bt and sees this?

  TonyV 10:32 06 Aug 06

I have a number that comes up on my Mail Icon in My BT Yahoo Home Page. This comes on usually when there is mail in the Inbox, but it does not come in when there is mail in the Bulk Folder. I have noticed that when I go in to the web mail system or open the mail from the Inbox the number still stays there, but will sometimes vanish when I refresh. Alternatively it will certainly vanish if I go in to the Web mail and delete all the Bulk Folder items and make sure that there is no mail showing in the Inbox. I only use the Web mail to sort the Bulk Folder out. I tend to use Outlook or OE6 for as my normal mail programmes. But it does seem an odd system the BTYahoo are using!


  p;3 10:56 06 Aug 06

from what I can see the number does not seem to bear any relation TO anything; or does it?

of interest, what number do you have on yours today?

  johnnyrocker 11:04 06 Aug 06

ask bt?


  TonyV 12:08 06 Aug 06

No number today!

  TonyV 12:27 06 Aug 06

I did ask BT some weeks ago now, in fact there was a similar message on this Forum a few weeks ago with much the same question. BT have failed to come back to me, though since it effectively cleared itself, I wasn't too worried. The number on the Icon, for me, merely tells me I have mail available. So I work accordingly and fiddle to get it cleared! The problem then was with BT Yahoo not our machines.


  TonyV 12:39 06 Aug 06

I hasten to add that my number comes up on the Mail Icon on the Home page, not the tab as you are getting!


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