Novatech GeForce 7950 GX2

  stuart-292148 20:35 10 Nov 06

has anyone used one of these cards as im thinking about getting one but don`t know much about novatech own brand components

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:54 10 Nov 06

For around £10 less Novatech will sell you an 8800gts, thats the one I would go for.

  Strawballs 20:55 10 Nov 06

A lot of Novatech own brand are big names I bought a Novatech own brand DVD rewriter and when it arrived it was Liteon.

  DrScott 21:13 10 Nov 06

Don't you mean £10 more?

click here

Whilst the 8800GTS is the 'new generation' of graphics card (DirectX 10), the GX2 is essentially SLI on one card. Personally I'd spend the extra £10, but in reality I'd just get a 9800 silent GTO, and buy an 8800 when they're cheaper (and games have been written for them!)

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:52 10 Nov 06

I looked at click here scroll down the bottom of the list.

  DrScott 10:19 11 Nov 06

how strange it doesn't appear like that in my link! Anyhow, apologies, I stand corrected!

  vinnyT 10:44 11 Nov 06

Be aware, if you do decide on the 8800 series, that a beefy psu is almost always recommended (~500w). If your psu is of a very good (and efficient) make, you could prob get away with ~460w, maybe.

If you can, wait until after xmas and the 7900 family should be redouced even more as more 8800s' are released.

Hope this helps.

  yellows 12:12 11 Nov 06

my 7950 gx2 runs at 59 c at idle and when playing a really top 3d game peaks at 71 c. is this normal for this card? i have very good cooling in my system

  DrScott 13:06 11 Nov 06

to start another thread if you have a new question, otherwise you are effectively hijacking the original poster's question...

But those temps don't surprise me as two GPUs on the same card generate a lot of heat. You say you have excellent cooling - what case do you use, and what fans? Usually it's airflow that's important to keep things cool... (unless you're water cooling?!)

  yellows 13:19 11 Nov 06

yes Dr scott your right sorry to sam 1123. ive got an atx case and im using coolmaster setup with 2 fans at front of case, one at the top and 2 at the back. Wanted to say had the card for a month and really pleased with it. had no trouble with games and runs silent when idle.

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