Fillymouskwitz 17:05 02 Feb 03

Dear All,

I play games like DF2 and F22 Lightning 3 online with novaworld and have done for some time.

However, since I upgraded ,my PC ive been experiencing some problems. I can play DF2 fine with no problems. However F22 just wont work ! The game runs fine on its own but when you try and play it on Novaworld it just says :-

"Trying .... Finding Sessions .. Sessions not Found"

Ive tried allsorts including emailing the novaworld support team (chocolate fireguard comes to mind) to no avail.

I run an Evesham 1900 AMD Athlon, ATI 8500 64Mb graphics card and 512Mb ram ....

Any clues



  powerless 02:54 03 Feb 03

Operating system?

Dial up or Broadband?

Which ISP?

Firewall and antivrus?

Have you patched the game? click here

Novaworld do reply but it can take up to a week.

Damm DF2 is still going...I remember TKOTH sniping 600m out. 1 and a bit seconds the delay was from firing to a death, becasue of the range - not lag.

There was 3 of us on one game but that was KOTH and we teamed up...god i think i'm gonna reinstall it.

  Fillymouskwitz 09:38 03 Feb 03

Following a feeling which can only be described as 'The Force' I deactivate my firewall (eeeek) and now F22 runs perfectly well.

On teh DF2 front .. the rooms are dead busy (but steer clear of the public games .. too many cheats) .. if you like sniping ... there are loads of decent games in the private area. Well worth a look .


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