Nothing on screen

  s99Raj 20:44 22 Jan 07

I have a Sony PCG-8E1M (or is it a PCG-GRS515SP, as written beneath the screen) which shows absolutely nothing on the screen on startup, not even for a second.

The power, battery and hd lights come OK and if I try to startup with an XP CD in the CD drive, it spins for a few seconds and then seems to stop. I've tried removing the CD drive, the hard drive, pressed every key in sight on startup, attached an external monitor to it but still nothing at all appears on the screen.
Any ideas what else I can try?

  lotvic 21:22 22 Jan 07

video card ?

try reseating it

  skidzy 21:31 22 Jan 07

Maybe its a power issue Raj.A simple Google suggest these models are reknown for power problems.

  woodchip 21:35 22 Jan 07

Try starting Laptop on Mains only, remove the Battery

  s99Raj 09:41 23 Jan 07

Sorry, I should have specified that it's a laptop so I'm not sure where the video card would be.

If it's a power issue, what can I do about that? Power is getting into the laptop but maybe not all the way round.

I've tried mains only with the battery removed but still get nothing on the screen.

  woodchip 15:05 23 Jan 07

It sounds like it's ether MOBO or CPU fault. but could be memory. only way to test the memory, is by substitution. There is not a lot you can do with a Laptop, if Hardware as a Fault as nearly all Graphics is onboard like sound and other bits and bobs

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