Nothing appears on the monitor

  Lee12 15:06 14 Mar 09

Hi, nothing is appearing on my monitor, the computer is on, the power to the monitor is also on., but getting nothing. Can anyone please give me some possible ideals what the issue is? My OS is Windows XP.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:44 14 Mar 09

Any sign of other activity?
leds on
hard drive noise?
fans running?

trying to determine wether its booting or just a graphics problem.

  Lee12 04:06 15 Mar 09

the leds lights are working on the PC and monitor, and the Hard drive is not making any noise. I can hear the Window sound when booting up, also can hear the sounds of the screen saver.

  ambra4 08:53 16 Mar 09

Reseat the memory modules; if more than one try than one at a time if only one install in

a difference socket you might have a bad memory module

  Graham. 09:15 16 Mar 09

Is it a flat screen monitor? Could be the light tube or inverter has failed.

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