NotePad unexpectedly opening files like *.key

  Bunts 16:21 06 Feb 06

I have just recently installed Windows XP (Home Edition).

As I understand it, when executing a filename *.key that it should put the contents (code) automatically in the registry? Instead the file is opened up in NotePad.

On the PC Advisor December 2005 DVD there is a program called CARTOONIST 1.1 and a *.key file that has the registration code. I am unable to enter this code automatically using the *.key file.

Something similar happened last week when inserting an autorun disk. Instead of it bringing up a menu all I got was NotePad displaying the code. Yet when putting in another CD with autorun it appeared to workd fine.

Any ideas on how to correct this?


  dms05 16:49 06 Feb 06

Find the *.key file in Windows Explorer. Right click on it - two options are offered on *.key:
(i)Open with Notebook
(ii) Registery

  dms05 17:04 06 Feb 06

Forgot to say you go to Open With after the Right Click. You can then take the option 'choose program' and select 'always use' after slecting the option you'd prefer to have by default.

  Bunts 18:40 06 Feb 06

Unfortunately I only have one RECOMMENDED option offered:
Open with NotePad.

OTHER Programs listed don't mention REGISTRY.

I know I can click on BROWSE but haven't found the filename for REGISTRY. Any more ideas?


  VoG II 19:29 06 Feb 06

Set it to open with C:\windows\regedit.exe

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