1x11456 16:25 10 Sep 04

i seem to have lost notepad everytime i try to open somthing with it its not there i have to use wordpad any ideas how to get back or reinstall...thanks :-)

  VoG II 16:30 10 Sep 04

Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove programs, Add/Remove Windows components.

  VoG II 16:32 10 Sep 04

... possibly.

  VoG II 16:35 10 Sep 04

Or try click here to repair file associations for .txt files.

  1x11456 18:49 10 Sep 04

came across this while searching for a notepad.exe file to download tried it and is as good as notepad so iam keeping it on.... thanks foe the help vog much apreceated :-)

  1x11456 18:51 10 Sep 04

How to replace Notepad.exe on Windows XP

Windows XP has file protection so Notepad.exe will get restored if you just replace the file with renamed Sc1.exe. Follow these steps:

Download Sc1.exe from SourceForge and rename it to Notepad.exe
Save a copy of the original Notepad.exe somewhere.
Replace Notepad.exe in following three locations (order is significant):


*%WINDIR% is your Windows folder (i.e. C:\\Windows)

Press Cancel when a warning dialog appears.
That's it. Enjoy.

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