A note about my internet explorer

  L85A1_marksman 21:32 06 Mar 06

well thanks for your help in fixing my IE, i have just downloaded the IE version 7 beta which seems quite nifty with a load of new features i think you all should check it out.

  skidzy 21:35 06 Mar 06

Hi again Marksman..........I must admit,ive been really tempted to try IE 7 beta,but ive heard its got several bugs at the moment.I know this is acceptable......but wondering if i should wait a bit first ?

  L85A1_marksman 21:40 06 Mar 06

hey Skidzy, well ive only been using it a couple of minutes so i havent had much of a chance to find bugs. It seems quite reliable so its down to you whether you try it. oh yes probably a silly question but how to you get the users name at the top of your post in grey to show your replying to that particular user?

  skidzy 21:41 06 Mar 06

Type in the title box

  L85A1_marksman 21:48 06 Mar 06

thanks, well ive found the first bug that was partly my fault i checked a box that said close tabs when using a link or something similer so now when i click on a link it closes the current window and opens the (usually image) file. so i have to be quite patient with the foo fighters forums lol.

  L85A1_marksman 21:50 06 Mar 06

well ive just fixed that. hehe so no worries still going good :P

  skidzy 21:52 06 Mar 06

See you got the heading then Marksman ...Just been looking at the ie7 tour,i guess the best way to learn from it ....is hands on.Keep this thread open to see others reviews.Could turn out to be interesting !

  britto 21:55 06 Mar 06

You can also highlight then drag the name if you are as slow on the keyboard as me :-)

  skidzy 22:01 06 Mar 06

Handy Tip Britto,didnt realise you can drag into the title and post box.
Thanks for that,im always highlighting,coping and pasting.Talk about the long way round he he.
Cheers again Britto

  L85A1_marksman 22:06 06 Mar 06

wow ive been a member for a couple of days and already my posts are interesting!! woop! :D

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