Not Responding (control+alt+delete)

  jensen1 21:51 09 Mar 05

My system is liable to freeze up lately and whichever program says 'not responding' i cannot close it and i cannot bring up control+alt+delete to close it either so i have to use the reset. Thank you

  VoG II 22:02 09 Mar 05

Which version of Windows?

What happens when you press CTRL + ALT + DEL ?

  keith-236785 22:33 09 Mar 05

CTRL + ALT + DEL sometimes needs quite a few seconds to work (up to 20 in some cases), are you giving it long enough or getting impatient and hitting reset.

is it the same program freezing up each time, if so it could be down to cpu load and overheating.

  sattman 22:40 09 Mar 05

Did you make any changes such as installing software shortly before you noticed the problem.

If so you might try removing the changes or perhaps going to an earlier restore point.

  jensen1 15:51 10 Mar 05

I have xp home and it freezes in any program. Today it was IE yesterday paint shop pro. I think it is happening more when multitasking. Absolutely nothing happens when i try c+a+d.

  jensen1 20:11 15 Jul 06


  eedcam 22:58 15 Jul 06

check the cpu usage you'll probably find its up round the 100% if so check the Processes I think you will find its DUMPREP.EXE had this problem myself . It is windows trying to make a report of the problem which causes more problems.Look it up on google advice is dont allow error reports

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