Not receiving emails from friend

  dangerus1 07:47 16 May 14

My friend has just turned over to using Outlook for his email service and whilst he can receive mail from me I cannot receive emails from him. Also two emails he sent to himself as a trial didn't go to him.

  alanrwood 10:03 16 May 14

His pop settings are probably fine . It is his smtp one that is wrong and thus his emails are never actually sent in the first place.

  dangerus1 15:35 16 May 14

I have been round to his house and his settings seem to be in Accounts--- POP/SMTP (send from this account by default)

we both don't know enough about such things to change settings.

  onthelimit1 15:43 16 May 14

Some guidance here if it is the Office Outlook that you're talking about.

  dangerus1 21:27 18 May 14

A little progress, he can send receive general mail, but the only way he can send to himself is, "New Mail" send to himself, it shows as having been sent except he doesn't receive it, then if he goes to "Sent Items" and forwards it on to himself and it arrives in a flash. I have the exact same setup as him and I have no trouble whatsoever.

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