Not really a windows 7 query

  Taw® 18:51 06 Oct 09

I have a laptop Vista I am eagerly awaiting my copy of win 7 which I want to do a clean install with
Currently My Computer shows the following

Vista C: 113GB free of 142GB
System S: 1.41GB free of 1.46GB
Question is when I get win 7 will I be offered the opportunity to split my disk in the same fashion? or what options will I be offered or how should I go about it

  Taw® 14:14 07 Oct 09

Hoping for some advice on this

  tullie 14:21 07 Oct 09

What do you mean by split your disk?You will,i assume be installing it where vista is now.

  Taw® 14:22 07 Oct 09

Sorry if its not clear, I know nothing about partitions etc. I assume System S is where vista is and C is where all my files are? so when I am installing Win 7 will I be offered S to install Win 7 and will C be there for all my files, hope this makes sense, does in my head LOL

  AlanHo 14:36 07 Oct 09

I would guess that the S partition is where your laptop manufacturer has placed some recovery files to be used in conjunction with your Vista CD. It is too small to store your Vista files.

If you open Windows Explorer and take a peek at the contents of your C: drive you are likely to see a folder called Windows - this is where Vista will be stored.

When you install Windows 7 you should install it on the C: drive in place of Vista. It takes up roughly 10 GB.

Don't forget to save all your data files onto another drive before you install Windows 7 - it will wipe clean your C: drive.

  Taw® 08:25 08 Oct 09

Does that mean when I am asked to format it will format the S partition as well or will that remain, if so how do I get rid off it?

  Taw® 20:33 08 Oct 09

just a bump

  lotvic 21:59 08 Oct 09

You are going to need more than just your new W7. That is just an operating system.
You are going to need your laptops motherboard drivers, Wireless drivers etc.

There is a lot more to doing a clean install on a laptop than just installing the operating system.

My Advice:
You would be better to buy a new harddrive and put W7 on it.
Take your existing harddrive out and save it. If the W7 install becomes difficult you will then be able to put the Vista harddrive back in and be able to have a working laptop with Internet access.

You will be able to swap between the 2 harddrives - best of both worlds with minimum of fuss.

Post your questions on the Windows 7 section of forum click here and say what make and model of laptop it is.

  ronalddonald 07:04 09 Oct 09

you wipe the harddrive then try win 7

  Taw® 09:34 10 Oct 09

will now look at new HDD as suggested

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