not pc but Sky related

  pookie 12 Feb 07


Out of interest do any of you that have freesat suddenly have the ability to get eg sky cinema 1, 2, 3 etc, sky one, sky movies, sky sports, eurosports etc??

It's very weird indeed - not that i'm complaining. I've looked on sky and freesat on web but can see any where that sky are giving a eg 14 day preview of channels.

for info i've had freesat for about one year

  woodchip 12 Feb 07

I have FreeSat but not tried it as my dish got blown down, it broke the Bracket

  pookie 13 Feb 07

anybody else experienced this?

  pookie 13 Feb 07

does anyone know - could i be picking up my next door neighbours sky signal - i know he pays about £50 per month for his package

  bruno 13 Feb 07

You will not be getting your neighbours signal.The way I understand it is that the programmes you receive are decided at Sky's end.Normally they programme your connection to receive what you pay for.

  woodchip 13 Feb 07

Keep your head down, and your mouth shut. I will try to get my Dish sorted as soon as I can.

  iashem 13 Feb 07

some people had a special promotion from sky where they get free sky for February to encourage them to upgrade to sky if you look here click here

  pookie 13 Feb 07

hi and thanks - i think you've got it there - unfortunately :-(

  Rhodie 08 Jul 07

I had freestat 12th May I received a letter advising me sky were offering free sky all channels for a month. 12th June I received a leter to say the all free channels offer was about to cease but they were offering half price packages for 12 months. 14th May I took up the offer to subscribe to 4 packages @ £9/month + sky movies for £18/month - all for 12 months - biggest mistake ever. They are charging me full price for 4 packages and no sky movies. 12th June sent them a registered 2 pages letter as I was sick of calling them with no-one doing anything. 4th July - received message on my answer service to say the caller was emailing the billing department to instigate the half price deal and that sky movies would be set up. 8th July - 6 phone calls later to sky customer service - still no sky movies and they are still billing me @ £18/month. Can't cancel because I'll be billed forthe year as the 1 month opt out had expired before I received my first bill which was when I realised they were over charging. Can't cancell DD payments as they'll sent the debt collector round and give me a bad credit rating - SKY customer service rubbish - hid behind the data protection - won't give you full name of person you're talking to - just stone wall you.

  tullie 08 Jul 07

To be honest,ive been with Sky for a number of years,never had a problem with them

  laurie53 09 Jul 07

I've been with Sky a number of years too, and only ever had minor problems, but I wouldn't trust them as as far as I could throw them, I've read too many horror stories.

If ever cable becomes available in my area I'm off.


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