not impressed

  johnnyrocker 23:35 27 Oct 05

with the fact that the site does not remember members and details have to be entered again also i think it is about time that this wonderful technology site has come up with an arrangement that known users are auto logged in, we now have a backward step in the details have to be input every time


  Chegs ? 23:38 27 Oct 05

*sigh* There are several other posts on this in the main pages listed topics.If you would take the trouble of reading a few,you'll see that this problem is being addressed by PCA staff.

  greenlamp 23:40 27 Oct 05

Apart from the inconvenience of having to fill in details every time the layout is much poorer.

Looks like an update for updates sake rather than an improvement.

  Chegs ? 23:42 27 Oct 05

I don?t like the new layout either, its very reminiscent of a comic.

  Forum Editor 23:45 27 Oct 05

as you call them can only be recognised by a site if it sets a cookie.

The problem with auto-logins is just that - they automatically log someone into a site, and they don't care who it is. If someone else uses your computer they could login as you, and post away merrily.

We have had many cases of people posting abusive or other inappropriate comments, and when I've written to them about it they've said "It wasn't me, it was my son, or his friend, or my friend. or the milkman.

  Forum Editor 23:49 27 Oct 05

I'm sorry you feel like that, but there it is - we can't please everybody, no matter how hard we try, and it does look as though a large majority of our users like the new-look site.

Many people find it off-putting when something familiar suddenly changes. Maybe the revised forum will grow on you. maybe it won't. I certainly hope it does, and of course we'll be following up on many points raised by our members. It's only our first day online with this version of the site, so maybe it would be an idea to give us a chance, and see how you feel in a couple of weeks.

  Chegs ? 23:50 27 Oct 05

Is that a hint that the "remember me" box within a users details page is for the chop?

  Forum Editor 00:17 28 Oct 05

No - and I'm sorry if I gave that impression.

  Djohn 00:25 28 Oct 05

I can't see the problem. I ticked to remember me, and each time I come to the forum all I have to do is click on the "Login" button, my username and password are already in there for me.

  p;3 00:42 28 Oct 05

I"ve asked my pc to remember my details with this new set-up; and my Guard IE will remove the cookies; so should be interesting to see what happens with next log in:)) 00:44 28 Oct 05

expletive deleted!

What was wrong with the old one (which wasn't that old)?

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