Not have enough free space to optomize?

  1936 22:12 07 Aug 07

My computer sudenly started to really slow up today and I found that my C drive showed nearly full so I dumped several applications. I then tried to optimize the disc and a message came up saying that I did not have enough free space to so and to remove any uneeded files but I cant see any that I dont need and I dont know why my disc filled up. Any ideas what the problem is please because I added up the applications and I only have a little over 872 MBs worth.

  birdface 22:17 07 Aug 07

Have you tried running C Cleaner or Winaso Optimizer.

  cream. 22:52 07 Aug 07

What size is the hard drive?

System restore will use 12% of the total drive space. You can reduce this to gain extra hard drive space.

  1936 23:19 07 Aug 07

I did run C Cleaner but Winaso Optimizer cost to much.

I clicked on Norton which shows the hard drive as being 275 GB

I'm not sure how to reduce System restore.

  Miros 23:30 07 Aug 07

Not long ago I had a similar problem and managed to recover a lot of 'wasted' space using click here
Let it scan your system you will see exactly what is stored on it.

I must say 275 GB seems a rather large hard drive.

  Rich_B 23:47 07 Aug 07

This sounds weird to me... You have less than 1 Gig of applications, but you have managed to fill a 275 Gig HDD.
So either you have tons of images, music, or videos. But you haven't said so much.

My guess is there is something happening to take a lot of space.

Open My Computer and right-click the C drive and tell us what the properties are:
Free space
Used space
Total Space.

Also, while you are there, try clicking "Disc clean up".

Then open IE, click Tools, Options and clean out the browsing history including all the files.

My guess is you either have a lot of music or videos, or something has happended to partition your HDD to hide a lot of space.

  birdface 23:48 07 Aug 07

Winaso Optimizer, I should have told you to run the trial version, It only deletes 10 things at a time,But you can run it as often as you like.

  1936 23:49 07 Aug 07

I used Norton Utilities and clicked on System information Drives and the C drive showed 275 GB but I have to say I'm a novice. I opened the Jam thing but am not sure what it shows.

  1936 00:25 08 Aug 07

I have the following:
Free space: 3.10GB
Used space: 271GB
Capacity: 275GB
You may have hit the target when you mentioned Video and music in that for the last few weeks I have been attempting to learn how to use Pinnacle Studio 10.8 and have been building slide shows or trying to. The last two days I have been learning how to add music from CDs. The problem is that I don't know how to find where all this stuff may have gone.
Anyway I'm now being shouted at so I'm of to bed but I will come back in the morning so thansks for the help so far.

  cream. 00:55 08 Aug 07

Wow. Thats some filled up hard drive.

either delete some of the video files or cut down on system restore.

With an unpartitioned hard drive, just means not split into two or more, system restore will be using 33Gb of your hard drive. You can safely cut that down to 1 or 2Gb's.

Go to start - control panel - system- system restore - highlight the C drive and pick properties. Move the slider down to a more frugal level.

this should give you the space you need.

  Miros 06:43 08 Aug 07

You will find that 'missing stuff' ( slide shows and Music) by using Tree Size Free V2.1 from my link above, you can then delete them from there if you wish, sounds like you will have to do something drastic now that you are close to full capacity.

The other alternatives is store them on DVD's CD's ( sooner you than me Gunga Din, that's a lot of copying) or get an external hard drive to transfer and store.

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