Not happy with the way new laptop is setup

  Demora 19:22 12 Jul 07

I bought a Packard Bell MZ35-U-005 from Currys and I've finally made the recovery disks.

What I need to know is All the backup/restore is on a hidden partition. This is some 8Gigabytes in size. from a total of 80gig hdd I'm left with about 55gigs. I'd like to get rid of this hidden partition now that I've got recovery dvd,

Whats the best way of going about this. I did a search for the i386 flder Nothing.

BTW I have Acronis true image 9 and disk director 10 and a 300gigabyte external Hard drive



  skidzy 19:31 12 Jul 07

To show the i386 folder,you will have to have hidden files shown.
Not positive but if you remove the hidden partition,you may find the recovery disc will not work correctly.The recovery disc may need to access the hidden partition to reinstall the software packages that came preinstalled.

Though if you do remove the hidden partition,Acronis can then be used to make an image of the drive so the hidden partition will not be needed.

I would attempt an image with Acronis first before removing the partition and test the image.

  skidzy 19:34 12 Jul 07

Just a thought,if Vista.....there is no i386 folder

  bunkerbill 12:22 21 Jul 07

What do you think of it apart from that?

  Demora 13:40 21 Jul 07

Bunkerbill.... I'm impressed so far. only had it since 9th July and getting used to Vista is interesting. So far I like it.

I charged it up last Saturday and not used it much during the week till now and the battery says I have 1 hour left

I did buy a 2gig set of ram chips for it from Orca doddle to fit. And its about to go oo its first translantic trip this week.

The screen is good. Graphics to. Sound is laptop sound. Speen of hard drive good too.

Oh and the wifi card built in seems fast enough too. I live in a large victorian house and the router is upstairs The lounge is the furthest from router and I'm getting all 5 bars lit up on the connection icon.

Well worth the £3.99.98 I paid for it


  Demora 13:43 21 Jul 07

Ooop 'Speed' and £399.98 is what I meant. Cat is pestering


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:18 21 Jul 07

If you make an Acronis image of the Drive you could then delete all partitions without worrying as you could then restore from you image if required.

  Demora 14:26 21 Jul 07

YES!!!!!!! Thank you fruit Bat. Having just read your post now banging head on desk. Thank you for jogging my memory.


  Demora 18:24 21 Jul 07

BTW Bunker Bill. I removed Norton Internet security and AOL and BT.

Roxio is next to go as its a Limited edition and I have the full ultimate package.

I use Avast for anti virus and the usual free spyware software. etc


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