Not enough server storage to process this command

  cyberphobic 06:53 28 Apr 06

I have a wired network of 4 PCs, I have a 160GB external drive connected to one of the PCs, and I have copied a back up of that PC to the external drive using Acronis True Image. I want to do the same thing through the network with the other 3 PCs and then back them all up incrementally so that I am protected from hardware failures. Despite my best efforts I cannot get the other 3 PCs to see the external drive. Linking to any of the files on the main computer is problematic - clearly something is not quite right. I get the above message, having put it into Google, it indicates a problem with Irpstack size which I have increased from the default of 15 to 40 but the problem persists. All the machines are on XP, I am only using XP firewall, the external drive is set to share and allow everyone full control and I have run rerun network setp wizard. Suggestions please!

  cyberphobic 19:49 28 Apr 06


  mgmcc 23:25 28 Apr 06

I don't pretend to know the answer, but seem to recall that message when I tried to access a "shared" external USB drive over the network, i.e. it didn't work. I didn't pursue the problem because, for me, it wasn't a problem to plug the external drive directly into the PC I wanted to use it with.

  cyberphobic 07:49 29 Apr 06

Thanks for your advice, the title of the thread may be a red herring, what seems to be happening is that I can see all the shared files and drives but when I click on the external drive I cannot connect to it. Are there any settings I should check or additional protocols to install which might solve the problem for me?

  cyberphobic 08:27 01 May 06


  mgmcc 09:09 01 May 06

I actually tried this again - connected external USB 2.0 drive to a PC, created a folder in it and set it as "shared", accessed the folder over the network from a second PC, created a new text file, edited it and saved it again in the remote drive. All went like "clockwork". Now I know that when I has tried a similar thing some time ago, I got the same error as you, but I may have been hosting the external drive with a different PC, I really don't recall.

I know this doesn't help you, and it was a much less sophisticated procedure than taking backup images over the network and then to an external device, but perhaps connecting the external drive to a different PC could get round the problem?

You might also need to load both network and USB drivers in the imaging software.

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