Not coming out of Sleep!

  troydi 12:45 07 Mar 03

I have an HP Pavilion, and I am having problems with it coming out of sleep mode, in that, it doesn't. I have resorted to just shutting the thing down, cos it doesn't really take that long to boot up, but I'd like to know why it does it and if there's any way I can fix it.

  graham 12:54 07 Mar 03

Do you mean stand-by? The moon symbol top left of the keyboard?

  woodchip 13:09 07 Mar 03

Go to control panel power management on hard drive choose from drop down never turn off

  troydi 14:25 07 Mar 03

Yeah stand by, sorry! When I set it to stand by, it does it. Then when I press space to get it to come out, it makes some vague stirring noises in the case, and then does nothing.

  graham 14:31 07 Mar 03

Is the monitor coming out of stand by, ie led turns from amber to green? Are the fans starting?

  troydi 14:33 07 Mar 03

The monitor doesn't, come out, and I don't think the fans are, but there's definitely some movement, when I try and get it to come out.

  Stokey 14:51 07 Mar 03

I don't know what OS you are on or which motherboard your rig has but standby/hibernate are notorious for not working properly whatever you have.

As your title is 'Not coming out of Sleep' I was attracted to this thread as I have another rig running Me on a Sis motherboard. On that keyboard there are Sleep & Wake Up buttons. They work! Nothing else ever has and not for most other folks either.

I think you will find the popular consensus is don't use sleep/hibernation as they can be too problematical. Your puter does not use much juice by being left on, best to have monitor switching off (say 20 minutes idle) and leave machine on if you are likely to be using it again within a time limit to be decided by yourself. Mine is only ever switched off when storms are about or leaving the house for a day or two.

Hope this helps, regards S.

  troydi 14:54 07 Mar 03

Thank you. It's ok, I figured as much!

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