Not booting from new ssd.

  diving bubbles 02 May 13

Windows 7, Gigabyte GA-x58A-UD3R,Mother Board. Crucial M4 512GB ssd. Hi, I've cloned my old drive to the new ssd and it will boot when connected to the sata connector on the ICH10R controller but trying to boot from the sata connectors on the Marvell 9128, to take advantage of the sata6Gb/s it wont. The bios is set to ide under the integrated peripherals menu. I'm not bothered about raid configurations. Any ideas? Thanks, Alan.

  Chronos the 2nd 03 May 13

It is always best to do a clean/fresh install of Windows when adding a SSD hard-drive. Also change the integrated peripherals setting to AHCI.

  diving bubbles 03 May 13

Thanks Chronos, but I have found the culprit. Faulty SATA cable. Brand new. Fitted old cable and boots OK. Off subject,is there any difference between SATA cables? Some are sold as 6Gb/s and others not. Why does it say to connect the L shaped end to your drive? My SSD would benefit from a straight connector. Thanks Alan.

  Chronos the 2nd 03 May 13

Although you have sorted your problem it still is best to do a fresh install of Windows when fitting an SSD.

You can connect any end to the SSD I personally do not use Sata cables with 90 degree bends. I use these as they are thin. Ebay.

Read this about cables.


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