not all pics in screensaver

  nobbie 12:15 06 Dec 07

hi all, does anyone know why, when i apply 'my pics' ( which has 20 pics in it )as the screensaver, only about half of them appear when screensaver activates and the others are just a black screen..but when i preview them. then all the pics show... all pics are jpeg and are 2048 x 1536 ..??? thanks

  Diemmess 14:41 06 Dec 07

You do mean screen savers, not the desktop appearance?

I can only give you my best guess....

All the pics you are trying to use are much larger files than the basic Windows.scr

Have you tried reducing them to about 10% of the present size first?

Sorry not to be more helpful, I use only the default screensaver, and only that as a guide to how far down in its dreams the computer is!

  nobbie 01:27 07 Dec 07

i have reduced all the pics to 200 x 150 but i'm still getting the same problem !!!

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