Nortons Systemwork2003 and conflicts, Help anyone?

  Effie 14:15 19 Jan 04

I have just installed Dragon Naturallyspeaking software but Nortons is in conflict with it and I need to exclude this file from Nortons Virus search. I cant find any help page on how to do this .
Has anyone out there successfully done this with any files and could help me sort out this problem with this version of Nortons?


  MichelleC 15:18 19 Jan 04

Is it Norton's av or the installing software monitoring tool. I don't use this as it can interfer with installs.

  Effie 17:33 19 Jan 04

No according to Dragon helpdesk, it is an ongoing problem with Norton Anti-virus but as far as I can see, this version of systemworks (2003) doesnt have an option on it that lets me exclude this file / folder from virus searches.
( previous versions did as far as I can gather!)

At present I have to close down nortons in order to be able to use the voice activated software and with no virus protection, I cant afford the risks associated with going and using the net!

  MichelleC 17:55 19 Jan 04

I've got NSW + av but I've switched to AVG which I find is more user friendly and much less hassle what with liveupdate going wrong etc. If you wanted you could uninstall Norton's (you can't have 2 av's) and try AVG click here

  Gaz 25 18:27 19 Jan 04

What is the virus it detects it at?

  Sheila-214876 23:01 19 Jan 04

I also had a problem with Norton Systemworks 2003. I took it off and went back to Norton Utilities 2002 (no antivirus) I have AVG anti virus checker and Zone alarm.

  Effie 11:08 20 Jan 04

I dont think its seeing it as a virus, just that this programme writes to the hard drive and nortons scans anything that does this and this causes conflicts with the dragon software.

I'm just trying to find some means of circumventing this happening while still having norton antivirus protection especially for when I'm online. I dont have nortons utilities so am stuck with what I've got for the moment.

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