Norton Updates

  lintony 12:08 23 Nov 03

I have Norton System Works 2002. I last did and virus update on 5th Nov. I get the messages telling me to do an update but when I try to do it, I get a message saying catalogue not available. Live update could not retreive the files. Can anyone help please?

  The Idle one 12:19 23 Nov 03

Is It Renewal time ??? - If not renewed Norton Locks you out after a few days until you renew for a further year.

  Bellboy 12:28 23 Nov 03

Is It Renewal time ??? - If so.....
It is possible to re-install to get a further year of support, but requires a disc format, or registry tweak.

  lintony 12:34 23 Nov 03


What is the disc format required?

  Bellboy 12:50 23 Nov 03

A bit drastic, but formatting the drive the operating system is on and reinstalling the operating system and Norton, re-sets the calendar and allows you to re-register for virus updates.
alternately, you can buy a copy of Norton Systemworks 2003 for about £24. - A lot less bother.

  lintony 13:02 23 Nov 03

I think your right. I will buy a new copy. Thanks anyway.

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