norton system works 2003 - unable to load on pc -

  colcol 18:37 22 Jan 03
  colcol 18:37 22 Jan 03

I cannot load norton system works 2003 on my pc running WXP home. I get a box stating "the windows installer service could not be accessed ....." this box asks if I operating in safe mode which I am not and whether the windows installer is correctly installed. I have never had a problem loading other software/progs.
what should I do next pse?

How old the CD that your installing from?

I had the same with trying to install Cleansweep when the system would hang. Used my LEGITAMATE (and as evidence of the usefulness of backing up even new CD's) backup copy and it was installed first go!

  colcol 18:57 22 Jan 03

the cd is new. what next???

  MartinT-B 09:51 23 Jan 03

Symantec help on the net

click here for intstallation issues

I had the same probelm with NSW 2003 on Win 98SE.

You HAVE to make sure your windows/temp file is COMPLETELY clear - do this from dos in 98.

The above link SHOULD clearly explain what to do,

If not click here and choose what you want to do from the left option - unles you want to pay, in which case use the right option. :)

Good luck

  MartinT-B 09:54 23 Jan 03

Okay - tested links.

1) you MIGHT need to refresh the first link - teh target is inside the symantec db.

2) I assusmed you have the NSW2003 Standard edition, if not use link 2.

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