Norton Symantec blocking Yahoo mail

  compumac 08:36 30 Apr 13

I have Norton Internet Security and this morning it is continually blocking access to my Yahoo e-mails. This is a completely new situation. Has anyone else come across it?

  northumbria61 11:14 30 Apr 13

I assume, you are using the Yahoo web interface and if that's the case you might have accidentally told your system to block some aspects of the Yahoo mail system, and to fix it you will need to look in the settings for your Norton Anti-Virus software.

I would NOT lower your security level because it defeats the purpose of having the software to protect your system.

I don't have Norton but I hope this helps.

  northumbria61 11:19 30 Apr 13

compumac - I now see from your "other" posting that the problem has been resolved. Good to hear that - please ignore my advice.

  compumac 11:37 30 Apr 13

northumbria61 Thanks for your input. I have in the interim found that others have had the same problem - something to do with the latest NIS updates, I believe.

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