Norton Rescue discs

  end 12:14 16 Oct 04

Have already got a set made; but what happens if |I ask the system to start from scratch with the thing; will it erase all memory on the discs or what?

win 98SE Norton 2003AV

the reason;

when updating them , the system told me that disc number 6 would be completely erased ; just wondering whether to start from scratch with the thing and completley redo the rescue set;

also, does there come a time when the floppies are "full" and cannot take any more info; in which case what happens then:(

perhaps silly question , but, need to know :)
and have no spare ones so need to go and get a boot-load of the things again:)

( yes, my fork-lift truck is on stand-by)

  sattman 14:17 16 Oct 04

As I recall you can make a full rescue set of discs at any point, Norton will fully guide you on the automatic process.

  end 14:38 16 Oct 04

have just checked my Norton and now need 10 floppies ( originally needed 9!!)which I have not got; so fork-lift truck needed, then run the thing ( into the ground:))

will report back :)

could you please explain what norton rescue discs are and what they are used for

  buscrew 17:49 16 Oct 04

If you have the CD, you don't need them, just boot from that.

do you mean nortons own cd. if so thanks

  buscrew 18:01 16 Oct 04


  VoG II 18:09 16 Oct 04

if you create the rescue disks, don't they include the latest definitions?

  Peter 18:52 16 Oct 04


I think it is safer to create a fresh set if you are having problems with your present set. It would be best to use new floppies, but if you want to use the existing ones then you should reformat them, using the full format option, and check that they don't have any bad sectors.

When you update your rescue set the new anti virus signatures overwrite the old ones. As the signatures get larger then eventually more disks are needed. Sometimes when this happens Norton AV can get a bit confused and it is best to start afresh instead of updating your rescue set.

You should test your set to check that they work.


  end 19:07 16 Oct 04

to catch up with my thread;
the latest definitions are held on the floppies assuming that the set is updated farily frequently; BUT, it is not a once- only create. they need updating , so, once created, continual updating is really required to retain the latest definitions.

the fact that my machine is now telling me that I need more than the original 9, tells me that the system has outgrown information-wise the floppies originally used; so

my intention is to redo the entire set, but have not got sufficient floppies here for that task ;

on pages 70-71 of my user guide it states that if you have found that your computer is infected and cannot start because of infection , then you need to use either the CD, or preferably the rescue discs, as the latter will have all the available updated virus information on them , provided they have been regularly updated , which obviously the CD cannot be as it is "closed";

the purpose of using the things is to try and remove the virus that has crashed your PC , hense the need for up to date virus information, contained on the rescue floppies, hopefully:)

pleae note; this refers to Norton Antivirus 2003, I have no idea about any other similar systems, and what I am using does not contain a firewall, so readers please do not confuse whaT I am using with any other version of Norton::))

having said that lot, I have still to re-create my rescue set, and have not yet the number of floppies needed for the job:(

however, the best plan is not to get infected in the first place::))

  Peter 21:37 16 Oct 04


They sell boxes of floppy disks at PC World.


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