norton question re update

  sunny staines 17:50 29 Jan 08

I have NIS2007 with about 200 days to run. I have been given a copy of norton 360. If I install n.360 will the 12 months start from install or at the end of my outstanding 200 days.

  pj123 18:22 29 Jan 08

If it was me I think I would forget about Norton anything alltogether.

Get it off your PC.

  sunny staines 18:30 29 Jan 08

i have had norton for years, tried avg and avast but preferred norton [i know i'm one in a million].

just after an answer to the original question if you can help.

  citadel 18:34 29 Jan 08

they add the days on if you renew early but I don't know if this happens if you change products.

  mfletch 18:36 29 Jan 08


I would imagine that your 12month for the 360 will start as soon as you install it so you will have to remove the NIS2007,


  Lettervanman 18:44 29 Jan 08

I was having a look on Norton site yesterday to see if I could keep my days left on NIS 2007 if I upgrade to NIS 2008. I noticed that with 360 they said that you would lose them.

When I upgraded from 2006 to 2007 I spoke to an advisor and she did add the days for me.This has meant that my subscription is still running well after the 12 months. With this in mind I sent an email asking if this could be done if I upgrade to NIS 2008. Despite several emails they insist that my sub. ran out last November,but my NIS says I still have 121 days remaining!
I shall just wait until they run out.

  Newuser38 18:59 29 Jan 08

I am pretty sure it starts as soon as you instal so you lose the time left on N2007.

I am like you have always used Norton going back to the days when Peter Ns picture was on the front of all the boxes, before download.

  sunny staines 19:00 29 Jan 08


thanks i will wait till nis2007 expires before loading.

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